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  • Fox started the conversation

    I'd like a refund on the bulk variation editor. It doesn't work with our site. The variations are set up in reverse the manor in which the plugin would work for us..

    We have an artwork that is then available in various products. Rather than a Product that is available in various artwork. This means the plugin can't update an individual variable product within an artwork.

    We have 40 watercolours, visitor chooses the water colour they like, then they can choose a "coaster" for £4.00 in that design, or a print for £30, or a keyring for £1.50 etc etc. Losts of variables per watercolour.

    We don't have a "coaster" product that is £4.00. with all of the variables being £4.00. 

    For this reason, the variable price for the coaster is't being updated.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Anyway. I'd like a refund as the plugin doesn't change the prices.


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    Matt replied

    Hi, you can request a refund here:

    Matt M - Union Theme Co - Support
    Support Hours: M-F 10AM - 5PM PST (Vancouver)