The plugin is timing out, stays hanging, or does not make changes once I click “submit/go”

INCOMPATIBLE PLUGINS We have found the “Table Rate Shipping for Woocommerce” plugin interferes, so disable that plugin before making changes. As well if you imported your products with the woocommerce CSV import, and you did not import them perfectly it can cause issues.

SERVER MEMORY ISSUE Another problem could be a memory problem with your hosting provider. You might have to contact them for support.

STEP 1: You can google “php.ini increase memory Wordpress” for some methods on how to increase your the memory on your hosting. We suggest to increase it to at least 256MB. Here is more info. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/increasing-the-wordpress-memory-limit/

You can view your currently memory limit under Dashboard > WooCommerce > System Status > “WP Memory Limit”

STEP 2: Increase timeout (PHP Script Execution Time Limit), generally timeout is set to 30 seconds by default we suggest to update to 60+ seconds. We suggest 60 seconds minimum.

STEP 3: Increase Max Vars to a minimum of 3000. Here is an article on how to do so.

Optional, we also suggest to make sure your HOST has Server Memory Limit of at least 256mb. You will have to contact you host to make these changes. As well we suggest to run on PHP Version 5.6.

Another simple solution is to process less queries at a time, by selecting categories or sub categories to limit how many products are being changed.